• Consultancy for planning and executing mobile research
    Technical and scientific consultancy for planning and executing research on smartphones
  • Mobile Software development for social scientific research
    Mobile application development for social and health research
  • Seedmobi team
    Our Team
    We pursue our passion for science, scientific methodology, and software engineering. We are very keen to share our conviction and knowledge about smartphones and their great potential to revolutionize how we do and think about social research. We create value for researchers by our combination of scientific professionalism and technical understanding.
  • Dr. Marcus Maringer
    During my professional career as a social scientist my main field of interest was social cognition. That is, how people store, process, perceive, interpret and evaluate information they receive from their social environment. I developed a great interest for scientific methodology and in my search for new and more exiting ways of doing research, I began to study the possibilities for smartphones in social and health sciences. A combination of scientific professionalism, technical understanding, passion for mobile software engineering and the large interest from within the scientific community in using these technologies, motivated me to focus my career on helping other researcher to benefit from the power of smartphones in their scientific endeavors. Over the years I have been involved in various research projects as a researcher, scientific consultant and software engineer. I am specialized in designing, developing, deploying, testing and evaluating smartphone applications and supporting infrastructures for social and health sciences. I pursue my passion for science, scientific methodology, and software engineering, and I am very keen to share my conviction and expertise about smartphones and their great potential to revolutionize how we do and think about scientific research.
  • Technical Expertise
  • Software Development: Java - Objective-C - Swift - Javascript (ES6) - PHP
  • Mobile App Development: Android, IOS, HTML5
  • Mobile application backend integration: CMS - BaaS
  • Http Server Configuration: Apache - Tomcat - Nginx - Nodejs
  • API Development and management: REST
  • Database development and management: Relational - Non Relational
  • Information Security Management
  • Enterprise Mobility Management: MDM - MAM - MIM
  • Scientific Expertise
  • Conducting scientific research on smartphones
  • Research Design and Methodology
  • Data Modeling and data analyzes
  • Research integrity and ethics
  • Scientific grant application planning and writing
  • Android in mobile phone research
  • Apple in mobile phone research
  • Sencha Touch in mobile phone research
  • Jquery mobile in mobile phone research
  • cassandra
  • node.js
  • apache http server
  • nginx
  • usergrid
  • angular.js
  • marionette.js

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